Junior School Workshop - Dream School of the Future

Junior School

On Thursday 12 February Year 6 took part in a Thinking Skills workshop to help develop their logical and creative thinking. The morning started with a fun warm-up activity which really got everyone thinking and literally in a twist!

The girls worked their way through a number of thinking skills strategies and came up nh some very creative ideas for their Dream School of the Future. The ideas were sent to auction and each group were given 50 points to bid against each other to win their favourites. They even chose a Head Teacher from an unusual list of candidates including Henry VIII and Greg Heffley!

It was a very exciting morning! The Year 6 girls then spent the afternoon and next morning preparing and planning, ready to teach the strategies to Years 4 and 5 the following day. On Friday afternoon, Years 4 and 5 split into groups and spread themselves around the Junior School ready for ‘lessons’ with their new Year 6 teachers.

It was lovely to see girls from different year groups working so collaboratively together and the Year 4 and 5 girls certainly enjoyed the activities.

Quotes from the girls: ‘I can now definitely appreciate how hard teachers work!’ ‘It made us feel good when our group was learning and enjoying the activities.’ ‘My group were brilliant! It took a while to explain the concepts, but it felt good when they understood. They ended up coming up with very good questions!

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