Introducing Initiative Thinking to Year 1

Junior School

Year 1 enjoyed playing a traditional party game this week, with a twist!

Mrs Hamilton made a Pass the Parcel game but instead of the obligatory Smartie between wrappers there was a problem to be solved that relied upon switching on that most important type of Thinking Skill - initiative. A small card with a pair of pupils’ names lay in wait with a problem that required initiative.

Problems ranged from the practical to social, diplomatic, study skills and Internet safety. It was a great exercise to work in pairs too so this really was ‘Thinking Skills’ at its most motivating and was well received by our clever girls.

Watch out for lots of initiative being used at home and please do praise your daughter when she adopts this skill. It is something that employers and universities look for all the time so sowing its seed now is vital for it to grow and mature in young minds. ‘Initiative is like using your common sense and a bit more!’ - Zaynah Hussain On the same topic, Mrs Hamilton dedicated an Assembly to ‘initiative’ for Key Stage One using the parcel game in a line for all to see.

Our initiative problem featured issues concerning friendship thus involving Personal and Social education and providing the perfect platform to deliver two lessons in one.

These lessons provide an opportunity for the girls to really listen to each other and debate the best solution to everyday problems.

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