A Royal Visit for Year 1

Trip Junior School

Wednesday 22 April saw Year 1 set off to visit Windsor Castle. The girls were excited when they saw the Royal Standard flying - a sign that the Queen is home.

The girls enjoyed a talk on who lives in the castle and learnt interesting facts about our monarch including the names of her corgis and dorgies (a cross between a dachshund and corgi), they discovered what a footman wears and that Queen Maya ‘knighted’ a new member of the Order of the Garter. Exploring the State Apartments, the girls were amazed by the opulence of the rooms and compared them to the rooms in their own homes.

They saw paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto and greatly enjoyed seeing Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House - the largest, most beautiful and most famous dolls’ house in the world. Later, the girls visited St George’s Chapel where they were surprised by the beauty of the stained glass windows and fascinated by the banners and crests above the garter stalls.

The girls certainly had a wonderful day and we would like to thank all the parents who helped us on the trip.

Miss J Dabski-Nerlich

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