A Weekend Full of ‘Fruitful’ Debating Written by Ashali Herai (Year 11)


During Model United Nations, which was hosted by Haberdashers’ Boys’ School, over four hundred students from various schools across the country discussed, analysed and debated some of the most significant problems that continue to trouble the world today.

Northwood College for Girls’ students from Years 10-13 had the opportunity to represent a particular country including - Cote D’Ivoire, Guatemala, Uruguay, Denmark and Cyprus.

The girls chose a specific committee: Health, Disarmament, Politics, Ecology & Environment and Human Rights and delegates considered the following range of problems: ‘The Question of Political Corruption Sub-Saharan Africa, ‘The Question of Preventing the Acquisition of Small Arms by Terrorist Organisations’, and ‘The Question of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights’.

While many Northwood girls were experienced delegates, some of us embarked upon our Model United Nations journey for the first time! During the conference we were encouraged to take part in ‘lobbying’ - to allow other delegates to read your resolution and try to obtain their support in the form of a signature.

We debated these resolutions and possible amendments in our committee meetings. Everyone became fully engaged; many gave impassioned speeches, executed persuasive counter-arguments, while others critically scrutinised every aspect of the resolution.

At the ‘General Assembly’ all the delegates in each committee gathered together to discuss the best resolutions. Some delegations resorted to bribery, negotiations and even begging, all in an attempt to have their resolution passed during voting procedure!

Finally, during the Closing Ceremony, awards were given to students who participated exceptionally well. From Northwood College for Girls: Dayna Tohidi and Zainab Ganiwalla both received Highly Commended for their strong debating skills! Model United Nations provided the perfect environment for students who enjoy public speaking, current affairs and debating to expand their horizons, make new friends and tackle a collection of the most prevalent issues.

Although the weekend was exhausting, we left the conference with a strong sense of accomplishment and new found confidence. Incredible Visit to Isleworth

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