Think Strong!

Senior School

Thank you to everyone in the Senior School for making Think Strong such a great fortnight.

I can report that over 400 wristbands were given out, highlighting the importance of the dispositions we have been focusing on: Communication, Curiosity, Commitment and Creativity; as well as the all-important Gold Resilience band.

During the fortnight we had a fascinating Mayou Lecture from Mandy Hickson, who was a female fast jet fighter pilot in the RAF. Her talk was inspirational and her message about being emotionally resilient was very in-keeping with the ethos of the school.

This year, we tracked which House students who achieved a wristband were from, and out of all the slips that were posted through my letter box the results are as follows:

  • Nightingale Buchan – the most communicative with 93
  • Briary Bronte – the most resilient with 98 Endsleigh
  • Pankhurst – the most committed with 113
  • Curie White – the most creative with 127

Well done to everyone who received a wristband this year!

Mrs T Smith

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