Year 1 Science Morning

Science Junior School

Year 1 enjoyed a busy morning showing their parents some of the science that they have been learning this year.

In Year 1 we explore each of the disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Biology we have looked at what is required in order to keep a body fit and healthy. For the Chemistry part of the science morning, the girls put together a balanced meal with food in the correct proportions from each of the food groups: fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, fats and protein.

With the Government predictions on the growth of obesity over the next twenty years, we take the children’s nutritional education to heart. Linking in with our new Physics topic of light, the girls explored the properties of light and learnt new vocabulary relating to the transparency of materials. Materials science is a large part of the curriculum and the girls sorted materials into groups and attached properties to each as well as making up some of their own.

Science provides a splendid platform to exercise observation skills and use lots of descriptive language which feeds into many other areas of the curriculum. As the parents who attended the morning witnessed, much was learnt through experiencing and touching the materials and by talking to one another; in fact the only recording we carried out in the morning was via photography! Outside we planted some sunflowers and discussed the needs of seeds for growth.

We will be recording their growth and made a simple time-lapse video. This also links in very well with the Year 1 Art curriculum where we study Impressionism and Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. Lastly, the girls made a fridge magnet and tested materials to determine whether they are magnetic or not.

We would like to thank all the parents who gave up their valuable time to help us on this very busy morning . We hope it provided a valuable insight into the teaching and learning that takes place in school and provided ideas for discussion and experimentation at home.

Mrs M Hamilton and Miss J Dabski-Nerlich

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