Science Competition

Science Junior School

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were invited to enter a Science Competition during the Easter holidays with the theme of ‘Birds’.

Our Reception girls were requested to observe the birds that live in or visit the gardens near them. Year 1 looked at habitats, so they not only discovered different birds but also where they like to live.

Year 2 took it one stage further and, having already observed British birds and their habitats, the girls went on to explore ways of attracting different birds to their gardens which they investigated by drawing maps of their own gardens and then observing migration.

The entries were excellent; some were 3D and included models of birds and some used pop up and collage to display habitats in the garden. The children took photographs of themselves putting out bird food to attract the birds or found bird feathers to incorporate into their project.

There were almost forty entries and some outstanding work, much of which is on display in Bluebelle House and Vincent House. Each girl received a certificate and a prize and there were overall winning entries for each year group.

The winning entries demonstrated the girls’ own work and clearly explained in diary entry, labels or descriptions, the different birds and their differing habitats.

So big congratulations go to the following girls:- Aimee Shah, Holly Fell and Amee Dhanani (Reception) Fatema-Zahra Mithwani, Mia Lakhani, Renee Budd and Aryana Jain (Year 1) Zabel Ebohon, Simran Virdee and Simona Bailey (Year 2) Mrs K Delaney

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