A Visit from The Dogs Trust


Years 1 and 2 welcomed Natasha from the Dogs Trust, together with her huge toy Labrador, Rocco, into school last week.

The Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dogs’ welfare charity and Natasha gave a wonderful, interactive talk to the girls that taught them various aspects of caring for dogs.

We learnt that the Dogs Trust cares for 165 dogs that have either been abandoned or are ill or find themselves in the situation where their owners are too infirm to care for them. All the dogs have their own kennels and are fed, petted, walked three times a day and treated by the vet if they are unwell.

The girls discussed the bedding requirements of dogs, their water and food bowls and that all dogs are carnivores and cannot eat chocolate. We now understand about the necessity of walking dogs and about clearing up any messes that dogs make. The girls attached leads to Rocco’s collar and we learnt how to approach a strange dog; if a dog growls or bites it is probably because the dog is scared.

We learnt to ask the owner if we may touch their dog, to allow the dog to smell us using the ‘Superman’ fist and to then pet the dog where the owner tells us to.

All the girls had the opportunity to enter a competition to design a dog collar and were lucky enough to be given dog-shaped pencil toppers and a pen with a pull out section reminding them about how to approach dogs.

We had a fantastic time, and our thanks go to Natasha from Dogs Trust and to Mrs Hamilton for organising this talk.

Mrs K Delaney

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