Year 4 Residential Trip

Junior School Trip

Year 4 set off on Wednesday for a three day residential trip to Woodrow High House in Amersham.

We received the following email to confirm that, despite the changeable weather, they were all having a great deal of fun as well as improving their communication skills:- So far the groups have taken part in archery, rocket building and pioneering!

The girls are learning that they need to communicate their ideas, plan their designs as a team and compromise when it is for the greater good.

Today they have worked in groups of five and six to design, plan and create rafts out of three poles, three plastic barrels and six ropes!

To do this successfully they needed to ensure that all the parts of the raft were secured with a variety of knots.

Finally they had the opportunity to have a relay race with the rafts - if they survived the journey to the pool!

Mrs J Talbot

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