Mock Election 2015

Senior School

Following on from a fantastic assembly by the Year 12 Politics students who presented clear manifestos from the five main political parties, Northwood College for Girls held our very own Mock Election.

The whole school was given the opportunity to experience the voting process on the day of the General Election, at our very own polling station. Girls queued with eager anticipation, waiting to cast their vote.

Our polling station, manned by the A Level Politics students, was buzzing with activity throughout the lunch break. Interestingly, only 52% of the whole Senior school population utilised their right to vote, with Year 7 having the highest amount of voters at 87%. Our second most active year group was Year 9 with 68%, closely followed by Year 10 with 60%.

Votes were counted in year groups to represent different constituencies and there was a landslide victory for one party… the Conservative Party! The majority vote for all constituencies went to the Conservatives except for the Year 10s who voted for the Green Party.

This was an invaluable experience for the Senior school girls to deepen their understanding of the British democratic process and we hope it will inspire them to vote in the future.

Mrs L Brown and Mrs T Smith

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