Pond Dipping Fun for Reception

Junior School

Our school pond set the scene for Reception’s Outdoor Explorer session the week before half term.

We put on our wellie boots, grabbed nets and viewing pots and set off on our journey. When we arrived at the pond we took it in turns to do some pond dipping. We filled our viewing pots with pond water and then carefully dipped our nets into the pond.

It was very exciting because we did not know what to expect as each scoop of the net found something new. At first we found lots of pond weed but then we started to find different insects and pond creatures to fill our pots.

We discovered tadpoles and water skaters and found dragonfly nymph, leeches, worms, water snails, water beetles and shrimp. We carefully drew and labelled the creatures on the paper attached to our clipboards and when we finished we released them back into the pond.

We went on to learn about the life cycle of a frog and made life cycle wheels, split pin tadpoles and funny paper plate frogs. What a busy afternoon!

Mrs Allen and Blue Class

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