Gardening Club

Whole School

The Gardening Club finally started to plant seeds ready for putting outside in a few weeks’ time.

We have planted some very special red, white and blue sweet peas called ‘Flying The Flag’ which we hope will be blooming in time for the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markel. We planted them in small pots and will put them outside covered with a net to protect them from hungry pigeons.

Attached is a picture of Gardening Club hanging up their bird feeders. The feeders were made very simply by making toast and threading a piece of wool through a hole in the toast. Skills the girls used were cutting the toast in half, making a hole in the bread with a bradle, threading the wool through and then the trickiest operation of tying the knot. We hope the birds in the Vincent House garden will like our gift to them.


Mrs M Hamilton

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