The Royal Academy of Arts Outreach Programme

Whole School

On Wednesday 13 December, The Royal Academy Outreach Programme came to Northwood College to offer 20 of our girls in Years 11, 12 and 13 studying GCSE and A level Art and Design, a one-day creative drawing workshop.

The life drawing programme provided the girls with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of approaches to drawing as a vehicle for developing their own creativity. The girls were encouraged to use their natural curiosity to seek out interesting aspects about what they saw and to make their own decisions about what they drew.

Frequent verbal interaction between artist, model and the girls linked the pictorial world to the girls’ intellectual and emotional world. The discussion of intentions and strategies before and after making a drawing enabled the girls to discover a greater confidence and sense of direction in their artwork which was expressed by some of the pupils below in their evaluation of the day:- ‘I enjoyed having less time to do a drawing so that the lines you draw are more free and expressionistic because normally I am quite scared of taking risks with my art.’ ‘I think I gained a better understanding and awareness of space and positioning and also a better idea of scale.’ ‘I don’t’ feel so negative about life drawing now because I realise that I am not actually that bad. It made me a bit more confident with that type of drawing.’ ‘I got more confidence and was determined not to give up.’

Ms S Ballantyne

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