Astronomy Society discover a Meteorite on the Roof!

Whole School

Here is an image of a meteorite that students in our Astronomy Society discovered on the roof of our school. 

Girls from the Northwood College Astronomy Society built traps to catch micrometeorites falling from the sky. These were placed on a roof and left for a week. Once the traps were recovered, the girls harvested any likely material and used microscopes to determine if any of the material was extra-terrestrial in origin.

They analysed the material to see if any had signs of being a meteorite such as being magnetic, a black or rusty red exterior and having small pits in their surface. In all, we discovered seven micrometeorites, each with an age estimated to be greater than 4.6 billion years. Each one would have been part of a shooting star, a meteor burning up on entry to our atmosphere.

Mr B Hall

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