Year 6 meet Year 13

Whole School

On Thursday 7 December, Year 6’s went on an exciting school trip to… the Year 13 common room!

With the help of Mrs Edwards, I organised a Christmas bonding event for the big girls of Junior School to meet the big girls of Senior School – and the day was a resounding success! The Year 6’s were incredibly excited to step foot into the common room and to see what really goes on above the canteen! They spent their lunchtime chatting to the Year 13’s within the senior leadership team about life as a sixth former, as well as why we decided to stay on at Northwood College for so long.

As the Year 13’s had leadership roles, we were able to talk to the Year 6’s about the amazing opportunities that we get being a sixth former at Northwood College, including our leadership roles, clubs/societies and trips! The Year 6’s and Year 13’s bonded quickly, and aside from academics, other topics including social lives, the panini bar and daily karaoke in the common room were also the topic of conversation – even more incentives to stay and become a sixth former at Northwood College!

Through chocolate cake, juice and endless conversation, the event went incredibly quickly and to wrap up the day in the most festive way possible, the Year 6 girls were given a petal highlighter by each sixth former as a Christmas present! This event was not only huge amounts of fun, but it allowed the Year 6’s to gain a first person insight into the life of a Northwood College sixth former and encouraged them to see the Senior School as an exciting new chapter in their school career, full of many amazing opportunities! The day also allowed the Junior School to become more interconnected with the Sixth Form, and as this does not happen as often, it was nice for both the Year 6’s and Year 13’s to talk to pupils in other parts of the school.

By Anjali Patel, Junior School Prefect

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