Year 5 Egyptian Day

Whole School

On Thursday 14th November, Year 5 had a wonderful day dressing up as Ancient Egyptians which linked directly with their topic work.

Here are some of the amazing costumes they created:


In the morning we had 9 different tables of activities, supported by our wonderful parent volunteers and teachers. See if you can work out what they were doing. We had lamp workers, apprentice embalmers, shabti carvers, scribes, tomb painters, amulet makers and potters making canopic jars and perfume cones. In the afternoon, the girls worked on performances to entertain the Pharaoh and his Queen. One group were trained on how to be court servants and had to learn the etiquette of the Egyptian court. We had a River Nile mirror dance, the story of Osiris and the wax crocodile dance. Finally, the leader brought us back to 2017 with some interesting facts about Tutankhamun and the legacy of his tomb.

Year 5 and their teachers would like to thank all the parents who gave up their time to help deliver this interesting day and worked hard to make the event run so smoothly.

Mrs J Talbot

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