Year 11 and Year 13 ‘Talk to the Experts’ Event

Whole School

Last week, Year 13 opened up their Common Room to the Year 11s during lunchtime, giving them the opportunity to drop in and have a conversation about Sixth Form life at Northwood College. 


We talked about everything, from choosing A-Level subjects to life as a Sixth Form student.  By allocating the Year 11s to a Year 13 according to mutual subject interests, Year 11 were able to make the most out of the event with subject specific advice.  Not only will this help them with choosing their A-Level options, but it also gave an opportunity for the year groups to bond and make contacts so support can continue to be provided between them. 

This event was very beneficial for Year 11 - this time in their lives can be stressful and sometimes advice from students who have recently been through it can be much more appreciated than that from teachers.  Furthermore, conversation in the Common Room is very informal, enabling students to open up and converse with others easily. 

I am pleased to say that this event was a great success and interaction between students in the Sixth Form and younger years should definitely continue.


Sanjni Bhudia,  Year 13

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