‘Women in’... Career Series: Science

Whole School

Friday 17th November marked the first session of our ‘Women in…’ careers series. 


This is where we are encouraged to look beyond our curriculum, to the wider world of work.  Guest speakers are invited to share their experiences and journeys, offering us invaluable advice for the future. 

Last Friday we heard from Dr Nadine Clemo, a woman in science, who works in drug discovery for a company called Apollo Therapeutics.  It was really exciting to hear about her career as she works in the frontline of medical research, where the aim is to create therapies of the future.  For example, a recent project that Dr Clemo mentioned, which I found particularly interesting, was research into gene therapies because this work really could make an impact in the medical field. 

Perhaps even more impressive is her determination and drive - despite the number of failures and setbacks she has faced in her career, Dr Clemo remains motivated by the possibility of a success that could potentially change the face of medicine.  Her qualities of perseverance, resilience and the ability to think long term about the difference she could make to society serve as an inspiration for us all.  Dr Clemo is woman in the scientific field who radiates an enthusiasm that is contagious and it certainly gave us hope for our own futures - whether that be in STEM, or elsewhere. 

I am really looking forward to next week’s ‘Women in…’ careers talk!

Zaynab Abbas, Year 12

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