Year 2 Trip to London

Whole School

Year 2 went to London on Friday 10th November and had a wonderful time! 


We used our thinking skills of being alert and observant and spotted Big Ben (alias the Queen Elizabeth Tower), the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the River Thames … there was great excitement on the coach!

We visited the Florence Nightingale Museum at St Thomas’ Hospital – the hospital she started as a training school for nurses. The girls were delighted and thrilled to actually meet Miss Nightingale!  She told us all about her life, why she became a nurse and the difference she made in Scutari.


We also visited the National Gallery. The girls were impeccably behaved and had a tour showing them 3 pictures from different periods of art. 

The earliest was ‘The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba’, we then saw Hogarth’s ‘The Graham Children’ and lastly were awed by Rousseau’s ‘Tiger’. We had a wonderful day and many thanks to all the staff and parents involved who made the day such a success.

Mrs K Delaney

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