Congratulations Mrs Spicer on receiving the GDST Impact Award!

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What is the GDST Impact Award?     

The Impact Award is a GDST recognition, awarded to teachers who have demonstrated examples of initiatives, disciplined enquires and research projects that they had been involved with.  My research project answered the question, ‘Does creating a You Tube channel help girls to become better learners?’  I received a ‘Highly Commended’ entry.

What was your project based on?

My research project answered the question, ‘Does creating a You Tube channel help girls to become better learners?’  Initially, I began creating my own You Tube tutorials in October 2016 to help girls with their Ordnance Survey map reading skills.  Sometimes girls would be able to execute a skill with my guidance in class, but had forgotten it by the time they attempted their homework.  Having created and published the tutorials on You Tube, I found that they enabled the girls to become more independent with their homework and classwork if they needed to practice a particular skill. Girls used iPads in class to choose and watch the tutorials for revision at their own pace and only called upon me to check their answers; this had the added benefit of giving me more time in lessons to measure and review the girls’ progress.  I discovered that the girls’ map reading test results improved and they were becoming more confident in using an OS map. This was then mirrored with other year groups for different skills.

Has this led to other developments?

I have created around 50 tutorials for other geographical skills, for example, girls can watch a video on how to use Geographical Information Systems to create digital maps.  It is amazing to watch Year 7 girls independently create digital maps from fieldwork data simply by viewing my tutorial; girls can work at their own speed which gives them a sense of control and then achievement. At the other end of the school, my A level students are able to watch tutorials on how to conduct statistical tests to help them with coursework.

Were there any setbacks?

At first, I spent a long time teaching myself how to create the tutorials, but now I am more time efficient. They are not professionally produced, but they serve a purpose.

How do you feel about receiving the award?

I feel proud and happy, partly because the hard work is recognised, but mainly because the outcome has benefited the girls’ learning.

What is your You Tube Channel and who can view it?

It is a public channel called ‘Mrs Spicer’.


Interview with Mrs Spicer.

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