French Play – Onatti Theatre Company

Whole School

On Monday 6th November, girls in Year 7 – 13 who study French were treated to a hilarious French play, ‘Mes Chers Voisins’ (‘My Dear Neighbours’).

Performed entirely in French by two native-speaker actors, the play was set on street in a town in France, looking at the lives of five teenagers who live on the same street. 

The play was great fun to watch and left us all in stitches. Despite delivery at native speaker speed, the action was easy to follow and engaged students of all ability levels. Elements of slapstick humour and audience participation ensured that we stayed focused and interested.  

Who could forget some of those ridiculous outfits or Magali, the biggest Justin Bieber fan in the world?

We look forward to the Spanish play on Monday 29th January and the German one on Wednesday 7th February.

Mr D Ezekiel,
Head of Faculty Ancient and Modern Languages

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