Year 7 Reading Challenge

Whole School

The annual Year 7 Reading Challenge was launched on Friday 3 November. It is an inter-form competition with the winning Year 7 form receiving a shield.

The ‘theme’ for this year is ‘Famous Women of London’ based on the London blue plaques. For each book read and reviewed, a Year 7 pupil will receive a ‘blue plaque’ to go on a ‘wall’ in their classroom.  With their blue plaque sticker, they will also receive a card with details about the famous woman their plaque represents which they can share with their form tutor and the whole class.

The Year 7s select their reading titles from a booklist put together by Mrs Annetts and Mrs Pandit.  As well as providing a short review about their chosen book, they will write down a new word they have learned from reading their book and what the word means (which they can look up in a dictionary). The booklist and details about the reading challenge can be found on the Library Firefly pages.


We are also asking the three form tutors to participate in their own reading competition!


Good luck Year 7s!

Mrs L Annetts, School Librarian

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