Lincolnsfield Trip WW2 Experience Day

Whole School

On Wednesday 1st November, Year 6 went to the Lincolnsfield Centre to have a WW2 experience day. 


On the coach, I sat at the back with Prisha, Rahima and Ruhi M.  It was roughly a 20-minute journey. When we got there, we entered a replica of a 1940 schoolroom.  We were informed of the behaviour that was expected of pupils in 1940. We were told to stand when an adult entered the room, to keep quiet and to always put our hands up no matter what.
I was in group 2, Mrs Crouch and Mrs Keigher’s group.  The first activity we did was to do with the dig for victory campaign.  The dig for victory campaign was to help people eat enough food.  Food was rationed during the war so, to get extra, people had to grow fruit and vegetables in their back garden.  When we entered the garden, a lady called Nancy started talking about air raid sirens and what they meant.  Shortly after we had covered the important information, we were given a challenge.  We were split into groups of six and, when we heard the siren, we had to rush inside a damp, cramped Anderson style shelter.  It was squashy, tight and not very comfortable.  When everyone had been inside the shelter, Nancy told us some people had to stay in there for up to eleven hours at a time!
We then learnt about Incendiary bombs.  Incendiary bombs are a cylindrical shape and burst into flames on impact with a surface.  We had to put out an imaginary fire using a pump and water. When we had finished, we realised we had to refill the buckets!  We had to form a human chain.  Carissa, who was at the front, would pass pans of water down the long chain until they reached the empty buckets!
Our next activity was the Blitz Experience and Military Museum.  We were taken to a dark room and were shown a bomb disposal room.  Then suddenly an air raid siren went off!  We were rushed to the brick shelter and I was terrified.  Then I realised that if this was my reaction when no bombs were dropping, what would the children of 1940 have felt like?
The Military Museum was amazing.  There were tiny figurines of people doing different jobs during the war.  We saw weapons that were cleverly designed by Ian Fleming and were used during WW2. We tried on a really heavy backpack and held an even heavier gun!  We were then told the soldiers had to carry both these things at the same time.


Kiera Patel, Year 6                                             

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