Merchant Taylors’ School Medical Interview Day

Whole School

On Friday 6 October, we went to Merchant Taylors’ School for an insight day on the medical entrance application process. Most of the day was spent on the interview techniques needed for all medical schools and Oxbridge.

When applying for medicine you could face an interview in one of two ways. It could be a panel interview, where a panel of 3-5 interviewers interviews you for up to 30 minutes. Alternatively, you could face MMIs – Multi Mini Interviews. This is where you have many stations that assess different criteria required by the university, including empathy, motivation and knowledge about the NHS. Each station lasts around 5 minutes and could be carried out as simple question and answer or as role play.

We went through each station that would come up on the interview day in the MMI and did practice interviews at the end of each session. We also had separate mock interviews that were laid out in the format of a panel interview. Oxbridge applicants were given additional Oxbridge-style questions that could come up in their interview.

The day was very helpful, giving us lots of tips. I found the mock interview especially useful as we were given comments and feedback at the end to improve our technique and identify specific skills we need to develop.   

Sanjni Bhudia, Year 12

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