Welcome to the Sixth Form!

Whole School

The move into Sixth Form is a daunting and frightening experience, so having a day in which you can adjust and get your bearings on the tasks ahead is very helpful.

It was an informative and useful day in which we had a talk by Mrs Brown, Mrs Bailey and Ms Thompson and a tour around the Sixth Form areas by the Head Girl team.

Learning who was to be your form tutor was a highly anticipated event, however, as most people will agree, all the teachers were extremely accommodating and welcoming - making the journey into Sixth Form very enjoyable and stress free. The day on a whole was an enriching and enjoyable experience with the highlight being the form group games, which included getting yourself in order depending on different criteria and building the tallest freestanding tower out of two sheets of newspaper.

The following week we had the Welcome to Sixth Form Evening for our parents so they could get to know our form tutors and find out what we will be doing for the next two years. The information that was given to us on the induction day was then relayed to our parents by the Sixth Form team, together with some additional information on the A-level mind set. This was a very beneficial event as it allowed us to then talk to our parents about everything that is expected of us and devise a plan of action for this term and the two years ahead.

Overall, these events were very helpful in settling us into the Sixth Form and calming any nerves. We are all now very clear on what we need to do to achieve our best in the Sixth Form.   

Olivia Evans, Year 12

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