100% pass rate for 2017 A Levels!

Whole School

We are delighted to announce a 100% pass rate with over one third of the grades at A*- A and, dramatically surpassing the national average, 70% of our girls’ grades being A*- B and 90% at A*- C.

Miss Pain, commented: “With over 30% of our girls achieving at least two A* - A grades, our excellent results are a true testament to the exceptionally high standard of a Northwood College for Girls education and the effectiveness of our forward-thinking teaching techniques and approach. 

Our girls have worked so very hard and I am proud of each and every one of them.  I am equally proud and thankful for the dedication and commitment that is demonstrated year after year by our exceptional teachers.

Based on today’s results we anticipate that by far the majority of our students will go on to their first choice universities, and I believe that this success is due to the fact that our team of specialist and experienced educators identify the individual strengths of each girl and work towards developing her raw talents by inspiring, supporting and challenging each step of the way.”

18-year-old Nana Owusu-Addo gained three A*s and will set off to Oxford University to read Chemistry.  “I am absolutely delighted with my results and so very relieved and grateful to Northwood College” she commented.





Izzy Seale (18) is elated to achieve three A*s and is planning to study a Maths degree. “I am so happy, I cannot believe it is over and I am so grateful to my school for my results.” Izzy’s mother added: “We are so proud of Izzy, she has worked so hard and really does deserve this success. Thank you Northwood College for supporting her and being there for her.”




Head Girl, Mala Pandit (18) is over the moon with her results.  Mala, who is aiming to go on to Durham University to study Geography, achieved two A*’s and one A. “I am so happy and relieved!” she commented; “I am so very thankful to Northwood College for always supporting me”.  Mother, Pankaj Pandit, commented: “I am so proud of everything that Mala has achieved this year and want to thank everyone at Northwood, this school truly is Mala’s second home and she will miss it greatly.”    


18-year-old Sanghamithra Ramani is delighted to have achieved two A*’s and one A and is heading off for Canada to attend the University of Waterloo where she will study Psychology.  Sanghamithra commented: “I am thrilled and I want to thank all my teachers for their support.”   



Yasmeen Hussein (18) is planning to study International Relations and Politics at Manchester University and is thrilled with two A*’s and one A. “I am so excited and so relieved” she commented; “I am very proud - she really does deserve this” added her beaming mother.



Sophie Weller (18), who has achieved one A*, one A and one B, is setting off to Leeds University to study French and Chinese. “I am so glad it is over!” she commented “I would like to thank the English department and everyone in Languages and the Music department too – I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.”



Emily Bahari-Modaresi (18) is overjoyed by her results of 3 A’s and is looking forward to studying History at Birmingham University.



The Mathematics Department excelled yet again, with 100% of the Further Mathematics grades at A*; whilst both Textiles and Graphics students created an equally impressive picture with 100% of their results at A* - A.              

Miss Pain commented: “We are confident that each and every one of our girls will thrive academically at Northwood College for Girls, but to truly excel in this fast changing world young people need so much more than examination results alone.

As a result of our unique Thinking Skills programme, our girls enter the big wide world fully prepared and equipped with a vital range of life skills.  Designed to enable each girl to develop independent and creative thinking, our robust programme incorporates emotional resilience initiatives that encourage the girls out of their comfort zone and provide them with the tools and techniques to face all future challenges with confidence and self-assertiveness.”

At GCSE and A Level, GDST pupils outperform not just the general population of schools, but specifically those from the rest of the independent school sector. In recent years almost 70% of GDST students going on to university did so at Russell Group universities, such as, Oxford and Cambridge.

Miss Pain commented: “We will miss our Year 13 but I am delighted that they now join the GDST alumnae which will provide them with a platform to communicate with past and present GDST students from a wide range of industries and environments.

We wish them all the very best for the future and are certain that they are each fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence that they require to truly succeed.”

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