Year 12 Biology Field Trip to Amersham Field Centre


The Year 12 biologists embarked on a trip to Amersham Field Centre on Wednesday 28 June.

The aim of the day was to undertake practical work to support the ecological practical endorsement component of the Eduqas A Level Biology specification.

The morning activity involved an investigation on succession. Succession is the change in structure and species composition of a community over time. The practical involved the investigation of the change in plant species along a transect from unshaded meadow into deciduous woodland.  At one metre intervals along the transect, a point frame quadrat was used to sample which plant species were present and how many there were of each species (biotic factor).  In addition, at each position along the transect, some abiotic (non-living) factors were also investigated, such as soil depth, soil pH, light intensity and percentage of canopy cover.  Analysis of the data revealed a change in the species composition along the transect. Spearman Rank Correlation statistical tests were undertaken on the data.


The afternoon investigation involved random sampling of two woodlands, one of which was in early and late succession. This investigation involved the sampling of plant species using gridded quadrats. The data was then used to calculate the Simpson’s Diversity Index to see if there was a significant difference in biodiversity between the two habitats.


By Mrs N Asquith, Head of Biology

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