Year 12 Medics’ Day


On 22 June, Year 12 medics had the opportunity to take part in a ‘Medics’ Day’ led by Sonika Sethi, a fourth year medical student at Imperial College London. 

Medicine is an exceptionally competitive and difficult course to get into, so the day was very useful, not only providing an insight into the realities of being a medical student but also obtaining top tips on how to stand out in the ruthless application process!


The day started with answering the most important question, ‘Where do I apply?’ – a perplexing question asked by aspirational medical students throughout the country.  However, Sonika talked us through each university in terms of their entry requirements, course structure, the hospitals that they are linked to, as well as the examination style. This really helped us in narrowing down our university choices to the ones which suited us the best in terms of our individual academic backgrounds and approach to learning.


We then spoke about other key components of our application such as work experience, which is fundamental in understanding what being a doctor entails. Sonika emphasised that in our application we should demonstrate what skills we learnt through our work experience rather than just what we saw.  In this way, our understanding of both the rewards and challenges within the medical profession would be evident.


Throughout the day we also practised timed UKCAT and BMAT questions and went through personal statement examples to identify which techniques are most effective in really selling yourself as a potential candidate.  Personally, I found learning about the interview process the most helpful part of the day.  Sonika explained how the interview is a particularly important aspect in the application process because, in a field such as medicine, UCAS information is simply not enough. The university want to see what qualities you have as an individual and whether you show resilience, good judgement, confidence and affability – characteristics of a potential doctor.


Sonika also gave us notes on the Medical Ethics topics that she had learnt during her first two years at Imperial College which I found very enriching.  When I make my application, I will be able to use the specialised terms to show that I have wider knowledge of the extremely important ethical aspects of medicine.


On behalf of all of the Year 12 medics, I can certainly say that the day was extremely beneficial in learning how to conquer the competitive application process, as well as gaining a detailed insight into the life of a medical student. The Medics’ Day motivated all of us to continue to work hard in order to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.


By Anjali M Patel, Year 12

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