Year 12’s Next Steps Week

Sixth Form

The week of the 19 - 23 of June was Year 12 Next Steps Week, a week off-timetable, dedicated to preparing the students for Year 13 and university applications.  

The week comprised EPQ research days, a visit to Nottingham University, an in-house UCAS day and a bonding trip with the current Y11s to welcome them into the Sixth Form.  Students and tutors had a fun and productive week and are now really looking forward to hitting the ground running come the Autumn Term. 


EPQ Research Days

As part of the Next Steps Week, Year 12 were scheduled two days dedicated to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  Year 12 marked the beginning of our A Level journey and during the year we have realised and embraced new challenges, one of which has been working on the EPQ.  The reason this has been challenging is because it involves teaching yourself a previously unknown topic and then writing 5,000 words on it.  However, our interest in our chosen topic has made it an enjoyable experience, giving us the freedom to undertake our own research but at the same time putting our maturity and organisational skills to the test. 


EPQ study day Introduction

During the two days, we went to the designated areas where we could work on our EPQ. Most of us researched our chosen topics and used a variety of resources as suggested during the Taught Skills.  As students, this gave us a flavour of a university level approach and a simulation of their work ethic.  


Personally, I view the EPQ as a phenomenal opportunity, providing a unique selling point and a boost for UCAS and my personal statement.  At Northwood College our teachers, and especially our EPQ supervisors, are constantly supporting and encouraging us to push our boundaries to the fullest.  They are aware of our potential and know how to channel our energy (most of the time without us even realising), and the results are exceptional!


By Shefa Quazi, Year 12


Year 11 and 12 Bonding Trip

On Friday 23 June, Year 11 and 12 waited eagerly in the Assembly Hall before heading off for a fun-filled day. Before leaving, we started to get to know each other by playing bonding games in smaller groups, which was a fantastic way to learn lots of different things about the people who will be in our Sixth Form next year!


It was then time for Year 12 to present their ‘Letters to our Year 11s’.  Each form had put together a letter offering advice, hints and tips on how to be successful in the Sixth Form.  From ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ raps to poems, it was great to see how much time, effort and creativity had been put into writing them. Raps aside, they all offered fantastic content and helped greatly to give the Year 11s a supporting stepping-stone into the Northwood College Sixth Form.


Shortly after, we all boarded the coaches and headed off, chatting all the way, to go to High Wycombe for the Rush Trampoline Park.  As soon as we arrived, we couldn’t wait to get started, so we eagerly changed into our fluorescent socks and the bouncing began… 

It was tremendous fun for everyone and, surprisingly, we all got to know each other even better whilst bouncing up and down or getting knocked over by the Wipeout game!


After an exhausting morning, we took a lunch break before arriving at the cinema to watch ‘Wonder Woman’.  A lengthy queue of NC girls waited for popcorn but then the film began and what a film it was!  It followed the story of a young girl destined to defeat evil in the world who discovers that life is not what it seems. We all left feeling empowered and inspired by her strength and determination…

Written by Poppy Treadaway, Year 12

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