Year 8 Visit Northwood!


During Year 8 Geography lessons in the weeks of 12th and 19th June, pupils have been investigating the various characteristics of Northwood.

Pupils were working in groups to visit six different locations to establish whether specific variables varied across Northwood. They used IPad apps to help measure and record some of the variables such as noise levels. The girls also got to interview members of the public to find out answers to questions such as where they had travelled from and what they thought of Northwood in three words!


In follow-up lessons the girls have been creating digital and hand-drawn graphs of their results, which they have analysed. They have learned how to complete some computer based mapping (GIS) of their results using software packages.


My thanks to Mrs Spicer and Mrs Roche for leading and accompanying the classes. 


Mr Rogoff, Head of Geography

Analysing their results ….

Years 7 and 8 have been using ArcGIS digital mapping software to process and present their fieldwork data based on Geographical Information Systems.  Following their field trips to the River Chess and Northwood, girls learned how to use ArcGIS to present their geospatial data on traffic, environmental quality, interview results, river velocity and depth, and bed load size as digital maps.

 ArcGIS has many advantages including a more precise geo-location and an efficient way of generating digital maps. The girls quickly learned this new digital skill and produced some impressive digital maps which are on display in the Briary. 

Mrs A Spicer

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