Year 4 venture to Woodrow High House

Junior School

In May, the whole of Year 4 went on their first ever school residential trip.  It was such a special experience as for most of the girls this was the first time they had ever been away from home.  

All of them were kept so busy from the moment they arrived that they had no time to think about anything else!  They were taken on a tour of the building and after lunch started on their first activity.  Over the two and a half days of the trip, they all experienced the following activities: archery, a team challenge, nightline, manor mysteries, a mini-beast hunt, shelter-build, wide-games, wacky races, orienteering and drop-it-pop-it!  It was a great experience and the girls learnt a lot about themselves as well as collaborating with their peers.  

by Ms Durrani

Our Woodrow High House trip was spectacular!  We took part in fabulous activities, such as outstanding orienteering, amazing archery and marvellous manor mysteries.  We also learnt to use collaboration, communication, persistence and lots more.  Teamwork came up in all of our activities.  The instructors were really nice and made us laugh.  They said we didn’t have to take part in everything, but all of us did!  It was such a wonderful experience for everyone, even the teachers (who thought the activities looked like so much fun that they wanted to join in too!).  No one ever gave up!

by Eva Clifford and Lexie Smith, Year 4

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