Puzzle Day!

Junior School

On Friday 5 May, Junior School held a Puzzle Day.  A lady named Karen from a company called ‘Happy Puzzle’ very kindly gave up her day to come and give us some tricky challenges.


Her first puzzle was probably the most challenging of all as we had to balance 12-14 penguins on an extremely unsteady iceberg.  As we were under time pressure, we had to think of some strategies that would help us be able to balance them all. After five minutes, no group had all of their penguins balanced.  A handful of groups were inches away from winning but had the penguins fall at the last minute!  We then discussed possible strategies to get all the penguins balanced such as weighing them out and starting from the bottom.


The next series of activities consisted of mazes, where we had to put 20 squares together so that there were no dead ends; block building, making sure that our final result was exactly the same as the picture; and putting all of the quadrilaterals inside of a massive hexagon, taking care not to make two of the same colours touch each other!

Our last activity was solely for Karen to prove to us that anything is possible.  She made us set a CD with black and white stripes spinning.  We had to stare at it for a minute and when we looked up we had to stare at our hands, then someone else’s face.  What we saw was so weird!  It was as if the features on everyone’s faces were being twisted and made to look disgusting!

Overall, this was a great day and we learnt a lot about teamwork, problem solving and planning under pressure.

by Thalia Al-Madfai, Year 5

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