Year 5 History off the page

Junior School

On Thursday 27 April, I had the best day of my entire life because History off the Page came to Northwood College.  

Ruth, our instructor, told us about Ancient Egypt.  There were different market stalls that we went to for different activities. These included:

    Soap carving
    Painting a tomb
    Making canopic jars
    Writing our name in hieroglyphics 
    Making scarab beetles
    Mummification on a peg
    Making perfume
    Making oil

This was the best day of my school days!  My favourite parts of the day were the soap carving and the banquet.

by Rahima Shaibu, Year 5

First we were presented with eight different workshops. They were all about mummification (an event done after an important person in the Ancient Egyptian civilisation died), death and the afterlife. 

After the talk, I rushed over to one of the workshops that Mrs Sara was running.  It was acting like a scribe which was a very important job in Ancient Egypt.   We had to make our own ink and use it to make our name in hieroglyphics (Ancient Egyptian letters). To make ink, we used coal and Arabian gum, mashed and grinded it up till it looked like pure sand and then added a drop of water.  I learnt that there are seven hundred different hieroglyphics! That is probably why they are so fiddly and tricky to draw!  I added a special border and Mrs Sara kindly appointed me to be her obedient slave.

Soap carving was so much fun, we could carve any Egyptian shape we wanted and I carved an alluring scarab beetle which was carefully dried in the ‘sun’. I will probably use it in the bath and I will feel invigorated. 

by Ruhi Visaria, Year 5

The whole of my year group had to come to school dressed as Ancient Egyptians because it was our Ancient Egyptian Day!  

After the activities, we had a Royal Banquet where we had to perform various plays - such as the Wax Crocodile - to Queen Nefertiti, who was played by my friend Keira. Shayna was the royal taster, the slaves were Carissa, Keya, Annika A and Diya and Queen Nefertiti’s slave was Samantha.  Some mums also came and helped out - my mum came!

by Zarina Persaud, Year 5 

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