ZooLab visit Year 4

Junior School

On 18 May, Year 4 were given the opportunity to learn about different rainforest animals with an interactive animal talk provided by zookeeper, Alan, from Zoolab.  The talk has enriched Year 4’s topic on rainforests. 

Alan introduced the girls to an Amazonian snail, hissing cockroach, white knee tarantula, Rankin’s dragon and a milk snake. The girls were invited to hold or stroke some of the animals.  It was fantastic to see so many of them overcoming their fears or worries about touching such unusual animals.  Shanaya said, ‘I really liked the feel of the milk snake. I didn’t expect them to be so soft!’  

A big thank you to Alan for such an informative and engaging talk.  It was a very worthwhile experience!

by Mr Webster

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