Economics Grade Booster Trip


On 26 April, the Year 13 Economics students went on a trip to Westfield shopping centre in order to attend a Grade Booster Workshop organised by Tutor2U, a company which partners with teachers and schools to help students maximise their performance in A Level exams. 

The day was divided into five sessions: market structures, labour markets, financial markets, the global economy and a session on thinking synoptically. 

In each session, we were quizzed on our knowledge and a bag of chocolate was given to students who correctly answered questions; needless to say there was a lot of competition!

The lecturers then went through short answer questions with us, allowing us to share our ideas with the group and afterwards showing us model answers. Being able to see a model answer helped me to realise what the examiners are looking for and made me aware that I need to make my answers more precise due to the strict time conditions in the exam. 

Throughout the day, the lecturers showed us how to manipulate the information we have learnt and apply it to different questions that may arise in our case study paper.  I already knew that we had to apply our knowledge in our exams but they showed me the extent of the application needed as they applied the information in more sophisticated ways than I had seen before.  As the lecturers were examiners themselves, it allowed us to have an idea of what the paper might be like and the types of questions we might encounter. 

This trip was really helpful and we all learnt a great deal which will help us immensely in our exams. Thank you to Mr Bennett for organising this educational trip.

Charlotte Beardwell, Year 13

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