Sixth Form Spring Wellbeing Week

Sixth Form

As the exam season is gearing up, Miss Johannes launched the second Wellbeing week within the Sixth Form.  The programme ran from 29 April to 5 May and included numerous activities to help the Sixth Form girls to achieve inner balance.

On Friday 29 April during the Sixth Form pastoral session, Year 13 girls had a talk by Nurse Hickson on the effects of substances and mental health, whilst the Year12 girls enjoyed a mindful colouring session to help focus their minds and relax.  Other activities during the week included developing a Wellness Bucket to help the girls to identify how they are feeling at the moment and what strategies and activities they can do to reduce their anxiety, getting more active and a Sleep workshop. The girls and the Sixth Form team enjoyed the week and found it to be beneficial during this busy term.

by Miss Johannes

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