Celebrity Author, Sally Gardner, Visits Northwood College


It was a real treat to welcome celebrated children's author Sally Gardner, to give a special talk and book-signing.

Sally spoke to us about her life, her writing and about her dyslexia; and how she could not read or write for a long time. I found this very inspirational as I myself am dyslexic and have always thought of it as a barrier to my learning.

I personally love Sally Gardner’s work and I think that it is amazing that she has done so much with what she was given. I also find it interesting how there are so many other famous authors and celebrities that are dyslexic.

Her talk was so interesting and the parts she read out from the books enthralled me to read them. I own four Sally Gardenr books and have now bought another one. In school I had all my books signed by her - I would never have guessed that she was dyslexic as her writing is so wonderful. I am so glad I meet her as she is one of my favourite authors.

Larissa Partridge, Year 9

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