Tudors in Year 3!

Junior School

On Friday 3 March, Year 3 experienced life in Tudor times for a day. 


To make it more authentic we all dressed in Tudor outfits, from servants to nobility!  The girls then had the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops to discover what it was like to make soap, candles, leather and jewellery.  They learnt to embroider in Tudor fashion and worked at the Apothecary, diagnosing and treating some rather gruesome ailments!

At each workshop the girls learnt some very interesting ‘Tudor gossip’, such as:-

“Did you know that Anne Boleyn has a mole on her neck which is the sign of the devil?”

“Henry VIII is in such a bad mood because his gout is very bad and he can’t take part in the jousting.”

The girls found out that rumour and gossip in Tudor times played a strong part in the downfall of important people.

In the afternoon we all experienced the delight of a Tudor banquet, toasting the health of King Henry with red wine (blackcurrant juice) in our goblets and sampling some bread and cheese on our ‘trenchers’.  The entertainment was provided by the girls themselves.  They danced, sang a Round and acted out “St George and the Dragon”, all for the entertainment of the Court of King Henry VIII.

“I wish I could have lived in Tudor times!” and “I am glad we have proper doctors today!” were two of the comments from the girls at the end of the day.

“We have learnt so much about how the Tudors lived and in a really fun way; that’s the best bit.”  Aryana

“I don’t think I would have liked to have been a Tudor, especially a poor Tudor girl as they didn’t get to go to school and had to work really hard!”  Sorcha

The girls had a wonderful time and the hands on experience of so many Tudor customs and activities helped to consolidate our History topic.

Many thanks go to our parent volunteers who really entered into the spirit of the whole day.

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