Senior School House Music 2017


For several weeks before half term the whole school reverberated with the sound of girls enthusiastically preparing items for the annual Inter-house Music Competition. 

It is always wonderful to see the commitment the girls put into this and the excitement which builds up to finals day.

The competition itself began with qualifying heats which this year included well over 100 entries.  Once we had heard and judged them all, we then selected 3 - 5 items to go through to the grand final on Friday 10 February.  We had a professional adjudicator, Mr Tim Short a former piano teacher here, who had the onerous task of choosing bronze, silver and gold medallists for each of the categories.

There was a wonderful eclectic range of performances, from Liszt and Bach to Ed Sheeran and Saphyne’s own club-dance composition.  It was a real treat for us, the performers and for the girls lucky enough to be in the audience to see and hear the music the girls had prepared and the atmosphere was wonderfully positive and supportive.

Individual highlights were too many to single out here but the overall standard was very impressive.  The climax to it all was the House Songs, which featured every single member of each House performing an all-singing, dancing and playing medley of songs on the theme ‘Rock and Roll’.

The House Captains had done a sterling job organising the band, singing and dancing and it was a delight to watch, as well as a real pleasure to see the entire House joining in together.

A big ‘well done’ goes to all who took part and a thank you to Ms Simpson and the Heads of House.

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