Reptilian Guests in Junior School!

Junior School

On Thursday 23 February, Year 1 were extremely fortunate to welcome Mr Ayub Amin and his reptiles to school, to link to our topic of ‘Carnival of the Animals’.

Mr Amin was so knowledgeable about the animals and the girls and staff were so excited to see, touch, and in many cases, hold the different animals as he talked about them.

We met a Male Panther Chameleon, a female Panther Chameleon, a Yemeni Chameleon, a Red eye crocodile skink, a Leopard gecko and Red eyed tree frogs.

We had the most incredible time and it was such an amazing opportunity for the girls to handle reptiles in a safe environment. We would like to thank Mr Amin so much for coming in and giving up his time to inspire us about the natural world.

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