Semi-Finals of the GDST Chrystall Prize for Public Speaking


Should we look to Shakespeare’s heroines as today’s role models?  Should the UK be doing more to accept refugees?  Is humanitarian intervention morally and politically correct? 

These are all very thought provoking, debatable questions which, amongst others, a group of Year 11 students were privileged enough to hear argued.  

This year, Northwood College for Girls GDST put forward a very able candidate in the GDST wide Chrystall Prize speaking competition.  Imani Bailey (Year 11) made a compelling argument, based on the subject of humanitarian intervention, against four equally talented candidates in the Chrystall Prize semi-finals on Thursday 2 February.  Imani, accompanied by Mrs Bailey, Ms Shirman and three other Year 11 students (Zaynab Abbas, Niyati Gore and Ritika Roy Chowdhury) travelled to Norwich High School to take part in the prestigious competition.

At our destination, Imani was admirably well prepared with her speech, impressing both her peers and the audience, including the judge, and producing a convincing, well researched, developed argument, as well as answering unprepared questions with relative ease.  As a result of this, Imani was an impressive runner up. 

We are very proud and extend our warm congratulations on her achievement.

Imani, Zaynam, Niyati and Ritika would like to thank Mrs Bailey and Ms Shirman for their organisation of the trip and the opportunity provided to Imani.


Written by Ritika Roy Chowdhury, Year 11

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