Year 10 'work' with Advertising agency, J Walter Thompson


In December, Year 10 were visited by Carys and Jo from the advertising agency, J Walter Thompson.   

JWT are a leading advertising company who have managed campaigns for a number of well-known brands including Ribena and Wagamamas.

One of JWT’s aims is to highlight female role models within the media.   They presented a talk called ‘Female Tribes’ during which they discussed the power of advertising and the influence this has on our perception of women in the media.   Following the talk, we were split into groups and given a brief to create a poster on a role model of our choice.  Each group then presented their chosen role model and explained how they had reached their decision.  Once the presentations were completed, two groups were chosen to represent the school on a visit to the J Walter Thompson building in Knightsbridge on 14 December.

During the visit, along with groups from other London schools, we were given talks by a number of people from the agency who explained their roles.  It was interesting to hear about the different skills required to run a successful agency. 


After the talks we met up again with Jo who showed us around their amazing office.  The atmosphere was fun, relaxed and vibrant; not at all what we expected an office to be like! 


We were then given our project for the day.  We had to pretend that we had been approached by Wagamamas who wanted us to come up with ideas to make the restaurant more appealing to younger customers.  We were split into groups and were given a mentor who helped us develop our plans further.  


We then had to present our ideas to a panel of judges, comprising senior staff members from JWT.

Although we did not win the presentation, we had a lot of fun and the day opened our eyes to the many different roles in an advertising agency and the work that goes on behind the scenes to create a memorable advert.


The girls who took part in the advertising challenge in Knightsbridge were Jazz Oyenekan, Emily Gee, Elizabeth Gentely, Ginny Kelly, Shreya Malhotra, Hana Noor-Khan, Fiza Owais and Anya Ramprakash. 


Written by Hana Noor-Khan, Year 10.

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