Trip to the London Stock Exchange

Sixth Form

On Thursday 8th December girls from year 12 were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to visit the London Stock Exchange and attend the Women of the Future conference.

It was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the operation of the financial services sector and to hear about the wide range of career opportunities.

The conference consisted of talks from several women from the LSEG's Women Inspired Network and about the path they each took and the choices they made to reach their particular career. It was inspiring to hear from such successful women, all of whom came from different countries with a diverse education and with a varied skill set. The drive, confidence and work ethic of each of the women has definitely inspired us and we learnt about the significance of building a versatile, credible profile for ourselves.

The morning ended with a tour around the main building which further increased our understanding of how the London Stock Exchange functions. I'm sure the girls will agree with me when I say that it was an extremely beneficial trip and we all left with a much more positive and open minded outlook on our possible career path.


Written by Aarthi Raguraj, Year 12:

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