Year 12 Fine Art and Graphic Communication Trip to the Wallace Collection


On Wednesday morning, our Art class attended a life drawing session called ‘Naked Bodies I: The Art of Representing the Nude Figure’ at the Wallace Collection. 

As per the A-Level requirements, we are required to gather an adequate amount of primary sources from which we can communicate and reflect our learning – this contributes heavily towards attaining a solid grade.

At the Wallace Collection, there are on display paintings and antiques preserved by the Wallace family, including some famous artists such François Boucher and Titian.  We learned about the integration of Renaissance and Rocco in Art and how it developed each century.  We were exposed to multiple utensils to recreate the same subject, such as graphite, charcoal, chalk and a kneaded rubber. This encouraged us to be more adventurous in presenting our ideas in a conceptual manner.

As a class, we have developed our areas of growth and become more open-minded to the different concepts and skills that help us to appreciate and embrace art as a whole.

Written by Shefa Quazi, Year 12

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