Year 12 Chemistry Visits King’s College London

Senior School

On Wednesday 19 October, a group of Year 12 Chemistry students had the opportunity to visit King’s College London.

We attended a lecture on ‘Chemistry for a Cleaner World’ by Professor Tom Welton, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College. The lecture offered girls an insight into the wider applications and emphasis of Green Chemistry. Prior to the lecture, we had the opportunity to see the brand new undergraduate teaching labs and instruments at King’s College. Students could also engage in a brief experiment on the process of making nylon.

Professor Welton explained how our modern lives rely on the products of the synthetic chemical industry. However, production of synthetic chemicals is often associated with polluting the environment. We discovered that there are many ways in which we can meet the challenge of building sustainable modern societies by changing our own consuming behaviour, reusing products that we once treated as disposable and recycling our waste into useful new products.

The lecture gave a clear message that Green Chemistry is vital and using renewable resources for the production of synthetic chemicals would help us to achieve a cleaner world. All girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to thank the Chemistry department for organising the trip.

Written by Ezrin Valentine, Year 12

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