Onatti Theatre Company Perform for Spanish Students

Senior School

On Monday 14 November, we were treated to the much-awaited Spanish play, performed by the Onatti theatre company.

This event is highly anticipated every year because of its humour, its interactivity and its accessibility to all year groups. This spectacular play was about Alejandro, an ordinary school boy who is confined to a hospital room after a slight accident and uses Facebook to communicate with his friends. However, he does not get the attention he wants so he exaggerates and suddenly he is inundated with concerned school friends coming to visit him.

His first visitor is a girl called Lucia who has a slight crush on him, though these feelings are not reciprocated. He finds her extremely annoying and therefore does all he can to get rid of her. Alejandro then gets excited when he receives another visitor, a girl called Carla who is the most popular girl in the year. However, she does not come just to visit Alejandro but comes to see his hospital partner as well and is disgusted by the way that Alejandro looks. The last person who pays Alejandro a visit is a girl called Paloma who also has a slight crush on him, though she soon finds out the truth behind all of Alejandro’s lies and his exaggerations.

The hall was filled with laughter at all times so there was never a dull moment! The play was creative and unpredictable which helped us to fully engage with what the Spanish actors were saying. Everyone left the room with a sense of achievement and with more self-confidence because we had spent an hour understanding people interacting in Spanish, without even realising it. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the play and cannot wait until next year’s performance!

Written by Anjali Doshi and Shreya Katwa, Year 12

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