Year 6 Trip to the RAF Museum

Junior School

On 9 November, Year 6 visited the RAF Museum in Hendon.

We had a fantastic day, looking around the Museum and learning more about World War II. There were several examples of aeroplanes which would have taken part in the battles and we saw historical artefacts from the war, such as ration books and military uniforms, some of which we were able to wear for a short time.

We took part in a ‘Blitz Experience’ workshop where an ‘air raid warden’ told us about life during the war years and we were able to see what a typical 1940s living room looked like. We made a gas mask box as it was mandatory for everyone to carry their gas mask at all times and we even tried a mask on, which was most uncomfortable. We were taught how to use a manually operated home-based fire hose made from a bucket, hose and a hand pump and were allowed to see what incendiary bombs looked like too, so we could identify them.

As we were working, we suddenly heard the air raid siren go off and were ushered into an air raid shelter. It was quite scary to be crammed in with no idea how long we would have to be there. There was a chamber pot to use if it lasted many hours! You could imagine how it felt to be part of a blitz raid. We had a really great time visiting the museum and bringing our topic lessons to life.

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