Celebrating Diwali

Junior School

Congratulations to all of our talented Junior School girls who took part in the spectacular Diwali Opening Ceremony, which was held on the famous steps of London’s Trafalgar Square.

Year 2’s Anaya and Anjali; Year 3’s Sienna, Kareena and Maya; Year 5’s Ishaa and Year 6’s Keira gave an incredible Bollywood dance as part of the performance that covered the History of Hinduism in four eras, starting with a Creation dance, followed by transformation of the Steps into an ocean where Hanuman and monkeys built the Bridge for Rama to cross and a Raas with Krishna.

Also, on Friday 21 October, Year 1 were extremely lucky to have a talk on Diwali. Five parents very kindly gave up their time: Disha and Diya Patel’s mother, Shivani Vaid’s mother, Aria and Anya Shah’s mother and Annika Odedra’s parents. The parents produced a very professional puppet show of the story of Rama and Sita. Annika’s parents had made their own puppet theatre, complete with different scenery for the different scenes. They performed the story with puppets and music and the girls loved it! It was brilliant.

After the puppet show, the girls were asked questions on the story which they answered very well indeed and were then allowed to see the beautiful Indian clothes and Diwali artefacts on display. All the girls were given a chocolate at the end to take home, a celebration of the Festival of Lights! Thank you so very much to the five parents who gave up their afternoon and their time in preparing the show. The girls and staff loved it and learnt a lot.

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