Congratulations to the 30 girls whose postcards were chosen for the Postcard Competition!

Competition Competition

This term, students were given the exciting opportunity to enter a postcard competition run by the GDST.

The only brief they were given was to ‘get creative’ on the front of a postcard with a painting, line drawing, photograph, design, poem, calligraphy, paragraph, quotation, QR code, opening line, origami, web address, formula, binary code, puzzle, recipe or anything else – the choice was theirs!

Over 100 girls participated and there were many really creative and eye catching postcards!  It was difficult to choose the winning 30 entries as they were all so good, but congratulations to: Shefa Quazi, Isis Dimitriadis, Zaynab Abbas, Imaan Noor, Kanishka Bhalotia, Amy Shah, Dia Ladra, Pramila Cox-Sehmi, Harrisha Sivanathan and Anokhee Mehta – their work was displayed, along with 20 other GDST school entries, in top London Gallery ‘Different’ over the weekend!

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