Year 10 Mandarin Class Visit Chinatown

Senior School Trip

On Friday 15 September, thirty Year 10 pupils, accompanied by three Northwood teachers set off to visit the Sir Percival David Collection at the British Museum.  

On show at this Museum are almost 1,700 examples of the finest Chinese ceramics in the world, dating from the 3rd to the 20th Century.

Students also visited Chinatown; it was bustling with tourists and there were Chinese lanterns everywhere because it was the Chinese mid-autumn festival – we all really enjoyed the atmosphere.  The girls were excited to experience the famous flavours of Chinese dim sum. Girls confidently interviewed Chinese people around Chinatown and searched for answers to a quiz we had set them. The weather was perfect and all in all it was a very pleasant warm-up for our upcoming visit to China this half-term.

Mrs Dovell



On 15 September, our Mandarin classes went to Chinatown and the British Museum. The Chinese art was very intricate and beautiful – I have never seen anything like it. The detail was stunning and I loved everything about it. We were also lucky enough to hear some Korean music playing which was lovely.

After the long walk, we finally reached Chinatown. The gorgeous contrast of colour between the lanterns and shops was truly magical.  It was an amazing experience to talk to the people in Mandarin and learn more about their culture.  It has definitely made me feel more confident when it comes to speaking in Mandarin.  I can’t wait to visit China next month!

Isabel Heredia, Year 10



The day started promptly as we hopped from train to train on our journey from Northwood to Russell Square.  After arriving at the train station, and debating whether or not to climb the 171 steps to the top, we made our way to the British Museum to see the Sir Percival David collection where we attempted to accurately draw the beautiful pottery on show.  After looking around, taking pictures and listening to a peaceful Korean music show, we embarked on the walk to Chinatown, our stomachs rumbling at the thought of all the food to come.

As soon as we entered the big, grand gate we knew this would be a trip we would never forget.  Following our excitement, all thirty-one of us were ushered into a private room in the ‘New Loon Fung Restaurant’ where nothing could prepare us for the amount of food we were soon to eat!  The food came promptly, an array from crispy aromatic duck to tasty spinach dumplings, not to forget the duck tongue.  We were only allowed to eat with chopsticks but I soon got the hang of them.

After we were all stuffed to the brim, it was time for our favourite part - shopping! Whilst we were looking around and buying anything and everything, from green tea Oreos to bubble tea, we were also given the task of interviewing the public, speaking in Mandarin and completing the question worksheet. The time flew by and before we knew it our time was up and we set off on our way back to school.  It was a wonderful experience and thank you to Dovell Lao Shi as well as the other teachers for taking us on an unforgettable trip.  I can’t wait for China!

Sarina Sanghera, Year 10 



The Chinatown trip was a lovely experience and a great taster of our school’s trip to China in October.  We started the day by going to the British Museum and looking around the Sir David Percival Chinese Ceramics collection; we drew some of the beautiful ceramics.

Afterwards we walked to Chinatown where we went to a restaurant and ate some delicious dim sum. Once we had eaten, we interviewed a few Chinese people and asked them some questions from our school survey to which we got some very helpful and kind responses; one lady even asked if she could take a picture with us.

After we had finished our survey and had answered the questions, we went to buy some yummy Chinese bubble tea to end a fun day.

Fiza Owais, Year 10

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